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DOP Ltd. Started cooperation by July 2013 as being distributor of International Paint Ltd. DOP will serve to Marine Coastal segment with International Paint Ltd. Product portfolio for below listed vessel types. • Fishing Vessels • Agent Boats • Tug Boats • Coasters • Small Vessels Dopl Ltd. will serve the market with new experienced team for proper product selection and application survey.

DOP Consultancy Organization Marketing

DOP was founded in 1994 with the following slogan of "To have a problem free product, it is important to manage a good application after a proper material selection according to conditions. This is the main goal of DOP and we are at your side for this purpose."

DOP has committed to provide materials with following features beside of being compliance with international rules, longer lasting, lighter, easy application, low maintenance costs etc. in spite of staying more economical.

DOP is keeping its support to the shipbuilding market at every stage of manufacturing process starting on design phase, with proper material selection, application control, commissioning etc. Stay tuned with us.